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An Important Reminder

The Meet the Candidates forum hosted by the FRCA Election Committee will take place on Saturday, Nov. 2, at 1pm.

Sign-up begins today, Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Susanne Lazanov

FRCA Election Committee chair (10/16/2019)


As a reminder, this year's FRCA Board of Directors election will fill three seats that are vacant due to term expirations. With one week to go before the close of nominations, we are fortunate to have three candidates. Although it is gratifying that these residents are willing to serve in this all-important role, when the number of candidates equals the number of vacancies, voters don't get a choice. 

You derive so many benefits from living in Falls Run; serving on the Board is one way to give back. Please consider becoming a candidate or nominating a resident who has expressed a desire to run.

I welcome your reaching out to me with concerns or questions.

 Susanne Lazanov

FRCA Election Committee chair (10/14/19)


Now that you’ve had time to review the FRCA Election Policy and the Board Member Qualifications and Responsibilities, hear what some current Board members feel about their service:

“Learning the “nitty-gritty” of how the Falls Run Community Association works (contracts, budgets, processes) is both interesting and educational for me. I believe in contributing my share to important endeavors – and what is more important than our volunteer-run community?” Connie Block

“Serving our community is one of the greatest honors a resident can have. It’s a minimal time commitment with maximum rewards to both you and our community. Reviewing and approving budgets and contracts in a fiscally-responsible manner, developing policy and casting your vote on all things that shape Falls Run is extremely important, and to be part of that is exciting, challenging and worthwhile. I encourage all residents to consider serving on the Board to make a real difference in our wonderful community.” Beth Kelley

The deadline for nominating candidates for the FRCA Board election is Oct. 21. Kindly reach out to me with questions or concerns.

Susanne Lazanov

FRCA Election Committee Chair (10/9/19)


Please take the time to read the material related to the FRCA Board of Directors election that was inserted in the October Gazette.

 -Management (10/3/19)


Information Pertaining to the 2019 FRCA Board of Directors Election

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