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Please share this information with neighbors that may not have received it.

Please join Stafford County Fire & Rescue Lt. John Henson on Thursday, June 28 at 2:00PM to learn about the dangers of carbon monoxide. Registration is required for this event.  Registration opens at the concierge desk Friday, June 15 and will continue through close of business on Wednesday, June 27.


Modification Meeting Dates Are Now:
The 2nd Monday of each month at 10AM 
Effective July 9, 2018.

The due date for applications, 1st Wednesday of each month, does not change.

Any questions, call the Center.
(540) 371-4452

REMINDER to all residents that you need to submit your modification application requests to Abby Miller, Executive Assistant, by the FIRST Wednesday of each month in order for your application to be considered for the same month.


Update Form for Residents Directory and Emergency Contacts --Document or PDF

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Draft agenda for June 19 Finance Committee meeting added Jun 14
Agenda for June 14 Special FRCA Board meeting added Jun 12
Minutes of the May 7 VCA Board meeting added Jun 11
Minutes of the May 3 Covenants Committee meeting added Jun 11
Minutes of the June 6 Property & Grounds committee meeting added Jun 11
Draft minutes of the June 5 Center Committee meeting added Jun 10
Approved minutes of the June 13 Modifications Committee meeting added Jun 6

Updated Committee Rosters added Jun 2

Minutes of the May 1 Social Committee meeting added Jun 2

Agenda for the June 5 Social Committee meeting added Jun 1

Agenda for the June 7 Covenants Committee meeting added Jun 1


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