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Falls Run Main Entrance
Falls Run Main Entrance

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Draft agenda, 23 July 2019 Finance Committee Meeting added July 17 
6-5-2019 final minutes for the P&G Committee added July16
7-2-2019 Community Center Committee Minutes added July13
BOD Special Meeting July 11, 2019 - Draft Agenda  added July 9
Gazette index added July 8
2019-06-03 Gazette Meeting Minutes  added July 7
Agenda for Grunts Meeting July 9,2019 added July 1 
FRTC Agenda for July 3, 2019 added June 29
Draft Agenda for the upcoming July 3 P&G meeting added Jun 28
Signed minutes for both the May 22, 2019 BOD meeting and the June 13, 2019 Special BOD meeting added 28  
Grunts Minutes from June 11 Meeting added Jun 28
May 14 Grunts Minutes added Jun28 
Agenda for the July 2 Center Meeting added Jun 22
Minutes of the June 18 Finance Committee Meeting added Jun 22
Agenda and Package for the June 26 FRCA Meeting added Jun 22
Minutes of the May 1  Property & Grounds Committee Meeting added Jun 12
Minutes of the June 5 Travel Committee Meeting added Jun 12