Falls Run Community Center    

101 Bridgewater Circle

Fredericksburg, VA 22406 (Stafford County)

Falls Run Community Center    

101 Bridgewater Circle

Fredericksburg, VA 22406 (Stafford County)


About Falls Run by Del Webb

General Information

Falls Run was created in 2002 in southern Stafford County, Virginia, by “Del Webb Communities of Virginia, Inc., an Arizona corporation,” as an age-restricted, active adult community.  The community consists of 781 Dwelling Units, comprised of 582 attached and detached single-family homes and 55 condominium buildings containing 199 homes known collectively as the Villas.  Falls Run is situated on approximately 228 acres of land.  The condominium was built in 2005 on approximately 33 acres within Falls Run.

Del Webb created Falls Run as a hybrid Common Interest Community.  It consists of both a property owners association (the Master Association) and a unit owners association (the Local Area Association).  The planned community was created in conformity with provisions found in the Code of Virginia, Title 55, Property Owners' Association Act, and with provisions found in Title 55, Condominium Act.

The affairs of the community are managed by two Dwelling Unit associations.

1.     The Falls Run Community Association, Inc. (FRCA) is the Master Association and it is comprised of all 781 Dwelling Unit owners in Falls Run.  The FRCA has primary jurisdiction over the entire property.  The FRCA Board of Directors consists of seven members, each serving two-year staggered terms.

2.     The Villas at Falls Run Condominium Unit Owners Association (VCA) is the Local Area Association and it is comprised of the 199 Dwelling Unit owners in the condominium.  The VCA has secondary jurisdiction extending only over the specific affairs of the condominium.  The VCA Board of Directors consists of five members, each serving three-year staggered terms.

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