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The Villas at Falls Run Condominium

The Villas at Falls Run, a condominium, was constructed by Del Webb in 2005-06 on Falls Run property.  The community consists of 55 free standing buildings, each containing either 3 or 4 homes, totaling 199 condominium units.

Provisions in the 2002 FRCA Declaration stipulated that if a condominium were to be constructed on the property, a "Local Area Association" must be created to manage its affairs.  The Local Area Association was named the “Villas at Falls Run Condominium Unit Owners Association” (VCA), and the condominium was created in conformity with provisions found in the Code of Virginia, Title 55, Property and Conveyances, Chapter 4.2, Condominium Act.  

The owners of the 199 condominium units are full members of the FRCA, and are entitled to all services, benefits, privileges, rights, and responsibilities of membership in the FRCA.  The VCA exists as a Local Area Association under the authority and primary jurisdiction of the FRCA, the Master Association.  The VCA has jurisdiction only over the 199 members of the VCA, and only those 199 members are entitled to all services, benefits, privileges, rights, and responsibilities, of membership in the VCA .

Villas Condominium Association (VCA) Links

Villas Condominium Association (VCA)

     About the Villas Condominium Association (VCA) - Download PDF File

     Contact Names and Numbers for the Villas

     Contact the VCA Board of Directors:  Click HERE

Villas Governing Documents

     Villas Amended Declaration (July 24, 2015)

     Villas Amended Bylaws (July 24, 2015)

     Reporting Building Problems - Download PDF File

VCA Board of Directors

     Current VCA Board of Directors

    VCA Board of Directors 2021 Meeting Schedule.

      Send an Email Message to the VCA Board of Directors

VCA Committees

     VCA Committee Charters

Villas Condominium Insurance Policy

     Villas Insurance Policy

Villas Modification Application Form

     Application forms

Villa Buildings:  Materials, Colors, Color Schemes

     Villa Buildings - Products, Manufacturers, Colors

     Villa Buildings - Fire Sprinkler Systems

Villas Updates

     Current and Archived Issues - Download Selected PDF File

Villas Landscape Beautification Plan

     Information and Guidelines

     Monetary Contributions for Landscape Improvements - Download PDF File

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