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Villas at Falls Run Condominium
Villas at Falls Run Condominium

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Kim Ertle, Community Manager:                        540-371-3406, ext. 209

Tracy Hymes, Accounts Manager:                      540 371-3406, ext. 211

Ryan Fernett, President, CMCA, AMS, PCAM:      540-371-3406, ext. 213

EMERGENCY NUMBER:  540-372-1726, 24-hour answering

Villas Condominium Association (VCA)

VCA Board Vacancy

The VCA is seeking to fill a board vacancy. The vacancy will be filled via appointment by the Board of Directors and will be for a term expiring in November, 2022. We would like to emphasize that this position will be an “at large” position and duties will be assigned as needed.

No particular experience is required to be considered for appointment to the board. The board is interested in appointing a resident who is committed to community service and has the capacity to work with other board members in a collegial fashion. This is a unique opportunity to have a voice and a vote on issues affecting the community. Because the position will be filled by appointment, there is no need to run in an election. 

Interested residents should contact Kim Ertle, our community manager. Her e-mail address is kertle@e-landmarc.com . You will be provided with a short form to be completed and submitted to Kim by January 31, 2020All interested candidates will be expected to attend the next board meeting on February 3, 2020 at 7 PM and be prepared to introduce themselves to the attendees. The board hopes to make the appointment at that meeting.

This community sustains itself through the work of its volunteers. Please consider putting your name forward. Being a board member requires time and work, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are making a meaningful contribution!

February  Meeting of the VCA Board of Directors

 The next meeting of the VCA Board of Directors will be held on Monday, February 3, 2020, in the Falls Run Community Center.  The meeting will begin promptly at 7:00 PM.  The February meeting is a regular open meeting of the VCA Board and the agenda will be posted on the Members Only section of the FRCA website.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Falls Run by Del Webb

A brief history of the creation and governance structure of Falls Run is available for your reading pleasure.  Are you interested in learning more about how the community came into existence?  Want to better understand how the community is governed?  To download the document, click HERE

Falls Run Governance

A comprehensive review is now available of the complete set of documents that specify the structure and substance of the two tiered system of governance in Falls Run.  To download the document, click HERE


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VCA minutes of the December 2 Organizational meeting added Jan 22

VCA minutes of the December 5 Special meeting added Jan 22

VCA minutes of the November 4 Annual meeting added Jan 22


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Please Share This Information With Neighbors Who Are Unable to Access This Website

Stafford County code requires that all back-flow preventer valves be inspected and certified annually in order to prevent possible contamination of the potable drinking water supply in our county.  The VCA Board of Directors has contracted with Atlantic Green Plumbing to perform back-flow valve inspections this year.  As has been our practice since 2006, the Association covers the cost of this inspection and repair (if needed), and there is no additional expense incurred by the owner.


The Villas at Falls Run Condominium Association (VCA)

Falls Run was created in 2002 in Stafford County, VA, by “Del Webb Communities of Virginia, Inc., an Arizona corporation,” as an age restricted, active adult, property owners’ association community.  The community was created in conformity with provisions found in the Code of Virginia, Title 55, Property and Conveyances, Chapter 26, Property Owners’ Association Act.  The founder of Del Webb, Delbert E. Webb, developed the concept in 1960 for the self-contained retirement community named Sun City located near Phoenix, Arizona.

The land on which the entire Falls Run development is situated, a portion of England Run North, was acquired by Trovas Construction Company, a subsidiary of Del Webb, from Silver Retirement Communities, L.L.C. and Silver Retirement Communities II, L.L.C.  The tracts of land in England Run North on which the Falls Run community was built were Land Bays 4A, 4B, and 7, comprising a total of approximately 228.33 acres.

The Falls Run Community Association, Inc., (FRCA) was created by incorporation on June 21, 2002 by “Del Webb Communities of Virginia, Inc., an Arizona corporation.”  The registered agent of the Association was Christopher J. Ryan, Vice President of Del Webb Communities of Virginia, Inc., an Arizona corporation.

In early 2005 Del Webb elected to act on provisions contained in the 2002 FRCA Declaration whereby an “expandable” condominium could be created within Falls Run.  The Falls Run land on which Del Webb elected to construct its expandable condominium was previously a portion of England Run North, Land Bay 4A (Parcels 4A1 and 4A2).  The two parcels (acquired from Silver Retirement Communities II, LLC on December 22, 2002) totaled approximately 33.2 acres, and they adjoin the property on which the “detached” Falls Run dwelling units were built.  All of the land on which the condominium was built was eventually annexed to the FRCA through a series of 30 Supplemental Declarations.

The 2002 FRCA Declaration also authorized the creation of a Local Area Association to manage the affairs of the condominium.  On March 21, 2005, Del Webb filed a land record titled “Declaration of The Villas at Falls Run Condominium,” LR050009485, in Stafford County, VA.  The Local Area Association was named the “Villas at Falls Run Condominium Unit Owners Association” (VCA), and the condominium was created in conformity with provisions found in the Code of Virginia, Title 55, Property and Conveyances, Chapter 4.2, Condominium Act.

Construction of the condominium began promptly.  Eventually, a total of 199 condominium units were built in 55 free-standing buildings, each building containing 3 or 4 homes.  The condominium was completed in early 2006.

The floor plans of the three condominium models built by Del Webb at Falls Run, called the Crestwood, Janssen, and Mansfield, may be viewed by downloading a PDF file.  Click HERE